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Sky Estate has been offering its clients real estate management services in selected Polish cities since 1999. Our retail estate and office spaces are located in the best destinations. They also meet the highest standards of quality that Sky Estate is consistently pursuing.


We are passionate about managing and arranging office spaces. With the patience of an artist or a sculptor, we polish and refine the look of the interiors which are made available to you.


Caring about your comfort, we strive to achieve state-of-the-art solutions by optimising processes and implementing new services.


What lies at the heart of our development is the attention that we pay to our customers and the dialogue that we engage in at every stage of our cooperation. These are the factors that directly contribute to the development of our business.


A well-developed structure allows us to serve our customers by satisfying their various needs in a comprehensive manner.


The Group owns over 60,000 square meters of office and commercial space.


We care about the environment. We strive to ensure that our facilities are as environmentally-friendly as possible.


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