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StarNet Telecom has successfully operated in the telecommunications sector since 2001. The company provides innovative telecommunication services in close to two hundred office and commercial estates throughout Poland. As the owner and the designer of one of the biggest optical-fibre networks in Warsaw, the company offers its business clients a variety of comprehensive telecommunication solutions in service provision as well as building, and subsequently, managing the telecommunication infrastructure.


StarNet Telecom has many years of experience in real estate management, takes a personal approach to every client and can boast a team of experts who care about the highest quality of services. For these reasons, the company ranks as one of the leaders on the Polish telecommunication market in the area of managing commercial facilities.


StarNet Telecom is the entity dedicated to cooperating both with tenants / leaseholders as well as with external telecommunication operators. The company’s key goal is to manage the facility’s infrastructure and the resources, which are made available to the tenants / leaseholders of a given real estate, in a specialised and economical manner.


StarNet Telecom takes a personal approach to every client or leaseholder and holds individual talks in line with their needs, which ultimately leads to the selection/ adoption / matching? of the most appropriate cooperation model.


StarNet Telecom facilitates its clients in achieving market success by providing comprehensive telecommunication services that support them in driving their business.

Estate Management

StarNet is currently managing nearly two hundred office and commercial facilities throughout Poland. The number of our partners and those interested in cooperation is continually growing.

Modern Solutions

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we offer state-of-the-art solutions, which translates into high service quality and a low failure rate.


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